Maple FAQ's

What is Maple?

Maple is a new benefit for CAA Protect Policyholders to keep you and your family happy and healthy.
Maple is a healthcare platform for fast, convenient access to Canadian general practitioners. Simply tap a button to request a consultation and connect with a general practitioner via text message, audio, or video in minutes. General practitioners can provide medical advice and issue digital prescriptions, lab requisitions, diagnostic imaging requests, and more.

Maple complements the care you receive from your family physician. Maple is not intended to replace the care of a family physician. Maple can be helpful for those that do not have a family physician. For those that do, we provide a way to manage urgent primary care issues that arise when you cannot get in to see your family doctor.

What Maple services are included in my CAA Protect policy?

Receive 2 covered general practitioner consultations for you and your family
Connect with a general practitioner in minutes, 24/7/365 for many common medical issues.

Unlimited Maple Care Concierge visits
Unlimited care concierge visits, a helping hand to better navigate Maple and follow up on care, and services in the community.

Oncology Navigation
20% discounted oncology navigation services, a second opinion service to help answer your questions and discuss treatment options or clinical trials.

What is a "Care Concierge”?

Care concierge is a “white-glove” service that can provide detailed information about resources, coverage, and specialty providers. They can answer any questions you may have about accessing care, finding the right provider and more.

What is oncology navigation?

Oncology navigators are medical doctors specializing in the field of oncology. Navigators
can offer you a second opinion on your cancer diagnosis, including advice for your specific case and desired treatment approach.

How do I access Maple?

Navigate to getmaple.ca/caaprotect and enter your 16-digit CAA Membership number to register for your account. Then, fill out the details in the requested fields and click “Create your account.” If you already have a Maple account, you can link your coverage by navigating to “Sign In” on the top right of the screen page.

Who are the providers on Maple?

General practitioners on Maple are Canadian- licensed physicians and nurse practitioners who practice family or emergency medicine in Canada. Providers on our platform are hand-picked and represent the same health practitioners you might see in person.

What can doctors diagnose and treat?

Doctors and nurse practitioners can treat many conditions online. Nine out of every ten Maple patients get their issue fully resolved in a matter of minutes. This includes cold and flu symptoms, infections, chronic conditions, skin problems, sexual health concerns, mental health issues, and more. Though some issues can be treated online, others absolutely can’t – many fall into a grey area where we rely on each doctor’s discretion as to what they think can be safely addressed remotely. Examples of cases that cannot be treated virtually: chest pain, difficulty breathing, broken limb(s), bleeding, major trauma, prescribing narcotics/controlled substances etc.

Can I get a prescription, lab requisition, or a specialist referral?

Yes, at the discretion of your treating general practitioner. If you receive a prescription, you can opt to pick it up at any pharmacy in Canada or have it delivered to your door. If you receive a lab or imaging requisition, it should be printed and taken to a lab or imaging centre near you. Results will be uploaded to your virtual medical record. Follow-ups can take place virtually or with your family physician. If a referral is issued, fill out the required information for Maple to pair you with a specialist.

Is there a limit to what doctors can do?

Maple is not for medical emergencies. In the case of an emergency, call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room. If you require narcotics or controlled medications, they cannot legally be prescribed virtually.

Does Maple replace my family physician?

Maple is not intended to replace the care of a family physician. Maple can be helpful for those that do not have a family physician. For those that do, we provide a way to manage urgent primary care issues that arise when you cannot get in to see your family doctor.

Can I request a specific doctor?

No. Maple selects the next available physician to start your consultation as quickly as possible.

Do Maple doctors speak my language?

Maple is available in both English and French. You can easily switch languages in your account settings.

Is my health information private?

Yes, your personal health information is completely private. When you use Maple’s services, your session is protected by a comprehensive security network and strict data protocols. Also, you always retain full control of your personal health information. Check out Maple’s Privacy Policy for a more in-depth description.

Is virtual care safe for patients?

Yes, think of Maple as the connecting platform between you and general practitioners. Just like during an in-person visit, the doctor or nurse practitioner is responsible for assessing your situation, understanding your medical history, asking questions about your symptoms, and providing appropriate treatment. If the general practitioner is unable to help on Maple, they will ask you to go to your family doctor, a clinic or a hospital in person instead.

Does Maple offer access to specialists?

Virtual visits through Maple with specialists (e.g. psychotherapist, dermatologist, endocrinologist, etc.) are an out-of-pocket expense. However, some of these may be reimbursed through extended health benefits (check with your health care provider first). 

Who has access to Maple?

If you are a CAA Member with a CAA Protect policy, you’ll receive two free virtual general practitioner visits per year, unlimited care concierge visits, and a 20% discount on oncology navigation services. To create your account, navigate to getmaple.ca/caaprotect and enter your 16-digit CAA Membership number, CAA NEO Members who do not have a CAA Protect policy can access the Maple platform with options to pay out of pocket at getmaple.ca.

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