CAA Critical Illness Insurance

You can get coverage to help cover expenses related to Cancer, Stroke, Heart attack & up to 22 other critical illnesses.

What is critical illness insurance?​

Sometimes, life delivers a curve ball in the form of life-threatening illness. That’s where critical illness insurance can help. If you’re diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, you will get a one-time lump sum that can be used to cover expenses such as daycare, health care support or renovations should you need to make your home more accessible. The amount received depends on the level of coverage and is usually paid as a benefit after diagnosis of a condition covered by your policy. Critical illnesses may include: 

  • Cancer 
  • Alzheimer’s disease 
  • A heart attack 
  • A stroke

…a few extras with every CAA Protect policy

Free Will Kit: Every CAA Protect policy comes with a free will kit to help you plan for the future.¹
Free Maple Health: Canada’s premier online medical services, including access to GPs, specialist advice and self-serve information.²

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Who is CAA Protect?

We’re glad you asked.

CAA Protect is a full service life insurance company designed to protect what matters most – you, your family and your lifestyle. As one of Canada’s Most Trusted Brands³, CAA Protect offers exceptional customer service, free personalized assessments and access to value and pricing in insurance products.

CAA Protect is owned and operated by CAA North & East Ontario.

Have a question? To speak to a professional who can guide you to the right coverage from the right insurer at the right price call us at: 1-800-709-5809 Or email us at info@caaprotect.ca
1 Eligible CAA Protect Policyholders who are also CAA Members will receive a basic Will Kit free of charge 
2 Eligible CAA Protect Policyholders who are also CAA Members get access to two covered visits with a general practitioner, care concierge services and 20% off oncology navigation.
3 CAA was voted one of the most trusted brand in Canada by the Gustavson School of Business Brand Trust Index in 2023.
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