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Lots of things matter in life. But nothing matters more than you and ensuring that wherever life takes you, you and your loved ones are covered.

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CAA Protect. Trusted life insurance from a brand you trust.

Every day, you protect the people who matter most in your life.  With CAA Protect, you can do even more. CAA Protect life insurance also lets you think ahead about protecting their future, too.  CAA Protect works with more than 20 respected partners to bring you the best coverage for your budget, no matter what that may be. From as low as $10.26* a month, you’re protecting the people who matter most.  It also means that your plan for the future is rock solid, backed by one of Canada’s Most Trusted Brands.¹ Book an appointment to learn how to protect what matters. 

Insure what matters – and get the best value life insurance

Whatever your family looks like, life’s ups and downs can be expensive. But life insurance doesn’t have to be. With CAA Protect, our experienced and knowledgeable insurance agents will find you the best coverage and policy to fit your budget and your lifestyle. Book an appointment now with one of our consultants to discover how you can build a plan for the future, while living fully today.  

Life isn’t one-size-fits-all. Neither is CAA Protect life insurance.

The nicest thing about CAA Protect is the options. These days, life insurance policies serve a number of end goals for Canadians at all stages of life. Whether you are just starting out as a young adult or looking towards retirement, CAA Protect is an important building block for your future plans. And here’s a sweet bonus for CAA Members. Every CAA Protect policy comes with a free Will Kit and free access to Maple, Canada’s leading virtual health care platform. Have questions? We’re ready to help. Book now to speak to a licensed insurance advisor – and let’s start planning a future you love.

FAQs about life insurance

  • What is life insurance? It’s all about peace of mind because it ensures that your beneficiaries will be able to deal with the financial impact of your passing. Life insurance payments can be made monthly, quarterly or even annually. A lump sum life insurance payout means you can manage expenses such as: 
    • replacement income for your family 
    • providing for your children or dependents  
    • paying for funeral expenses  
    • paying off your debts  
    • making a gift to charity  
    • leaving money in trust or to your estate
  • What is term life insurance? Term life insurance offers coverage for a certain amount of time – between 10 and 30 years – depending on your needs and budget. During this time, your monthly or annual premiums remain the same, making it easy to anticipate the costs. Term life insurance can be used for: 
    • Covering larger expenses, such as replacement income 
    • University tuition 
    • Mortgage payouts in the event of your death 
  • What is permanent life insurance? Permanent life insurance gives you coverage for the entire length of your life, as long as premiums are paid on time. It is designed to build cash over time that you can borrow against, laying the foundation for long-term financial security. Permanent life insurance can be used for: 
    • Estate planning 
    • Retirement income 
    • End-of-life expenses 
    • Lifelong need 
  • What is disability insurance?  In the event of an unexpected illness or debilitating accident that leaves you unable to work or earn an income to support yourself, disability insurance can help protect you and your family financially. In general, disability insurance replaces between 60% and 85% of your regular income, up to a maximum amount. Disability insurance is ideal for those who are: 
    • Self-employed 
    • Sole income earners who need additional financial security to cover major expenses after loss of income 
  • What is critical illness insurance? Sometimes, life delivers a curve ball in the form of life-threatening illness. That’s where critical illness insurance can help. If you’re diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, you will get a one-time lump sum that can be used to cover expenses such as daycare, health care support or renovations should you need to make your home more accessible. The amount received depends on the level of coverage and is usually paid as a benefit after diagnosis of a condition covered by your policy. Critical illnesses may include:  
    • Cancer  
    • Alzheimer’s disease  
    • A heart attack  
    • A stroke 
  • What is health and dental insurance? Although universal health care ensures Canadians have access to free public healthcare, some costs are not covered. Depending on the type of health and dental insurance you choose, your policy may include coverage for things like: 
    • Special nursing services, ambulance services, wheelchairs, and other durable equipment 
    • Supplement your income if you suffer a major illness or severe injury 
    • Basic Extended Health Care (EHC) to help cover your basic healthcare-related expenses. EHC benefits provide you with added coverage. Vision Care is included 
    • Adding optional drug coverage can help cover many out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs and dispensing fees 
    • Adding on optional dental coverage can lower the number of dental expenses you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket 

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Who is CAA Protect?

CAA Protect is a full service life insurance company designed to protect what matters most – you, your family and your lifestyle. As one of Canada’s Most Trusted Brand1, CAA Protect offers exceptional customer service, free personalized assessments and access to value and pricing in insurance products.

CAA Protect is owned and operated by CAA North & East Ontario.

* Based on a plan for 10-year term with $100,000 in coverage for a 40-year-old female, non-smoker. All insurance quotes and prices are subject to medical underwriting.

1 CAA was voted as one of the most trusted brand in Canada by the Gustavson School of Business Brand Trust Index in 2023.

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